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HELP!! w/ Yellow Leather


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I just put a yellow leather coral in my tank. It was fine when I went to bed and now alredy, it is turning brown on the bottom. It is in the middle of my tank with good water flow. It seems to be going fast. HELP!!

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pic please. is the coral extending its polyps? is it hunched over?


the brown could simply be nuisance algae (e.g. cyano) that just started growing, feeding on the excess mucus/slime the coral generated from being transplanted or even normally generated.


or it could also be rotting coral flesh and the coral is dying. but the coral would likely be slumped over and bits of it would be floating off in the water flow too.

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It seems to be more spread out today and the polyps are extended. As of now, it seems that it may be a stress issue. I used a pipette to "blow" on it gently and the brown tissue was coming off. Can the dead part be removed to save the rest? Here is a picture, the clarity isn't great, but you can see the brown in the yellow. Hope it helps, my camera ain't so good.

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