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Adding 5 more lbs LR....Start a cycle???


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Well, I have a 12 gal cube with about 7-8lbs of LR currently and LR rubble in the back. I want to add about 5 more lbs of it, but I already have:



1 bumblebee snail

and a hermit


What is the best way? Can I prevent a cycle or just hold my breath and cross my fingers?

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i added about 7lbs of un-cured LR to my already cycled nano-cube... but i didn't just toss it in. i was afraid of another cycle since i had a clownfish & some gsp/xenia...


so i let it cure in a 5g bucket with an old airpump & airstone for approx 3.5 weeks, checking the ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels every week (and more frequently once the cycle neared it's end). i did 100% water changes every 3 or 4 days to get rid of the die-off... this method worked great for me, since i was able to add the rock after all the levels went to 0. i experienced no ill effects on my tank, and i didn't go through a 2nd cycle. personally, i think this is the easiest & safest way to do it (esp. if you're scared of another cycle)... hope that helps. :)

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I think it will depend on how long the live rock is going to spend out the water. If you are buying the live rock locally, then you might now even have a cycle after you drop in your live rock.



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yes. but rock out of water even five minutes recycles.


to be honest, you dont have enough inhabitants to worry about. the damsel should go back to the LFS anyway.





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OK...Well, I did it! Well, kinda! I went to my 2 LFS and scored about 1.5 lbs of CURED LR Rubble FREE!!! I took out 2 sponges 2 weeks ago to replace with these. When should I see a spike?


Oh yeah, and after I see what my tank will do with the rubble should I gradually take out the other two sponges.....how else am I to filter particles out of the water? I really want to keep it as much stock as I can.


Currently have:

stock light and PH

Rio 50 PH on left pointing toward the front/surface agitation

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