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Help, fish keep dying! Opinions please


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I have 16 gallon bow front tank. The corals and inverts are doing great. The zoos are exploding with color. I can't keep fish alive though. Got two green chromis', they died in three days. Got psedochromis, it lasted a week. Again got three green chromis, they again died in three days. I have a small emerald crab, small coral banded shrimp, peppermint shrimp and assorted red and blue leg blue and red leg hermits. my water parameters are:

Ph-8.2, Alk-1.7, Am & Ni zero, nitrate-5.0. Phos.-zero. This perplexing because I had reef tanks for years and never experienced anything like this before.

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Is that alkalinity reading in meq/l or in german dKH?


Not sure about this, but I didn't think that fish were affected very heavily by alkalinity.


Don't know what your problem is. Adding too much at a time? *shrugs*

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What about salinity? Fish stores usually have their tanks as low as 1.018, while most of 'our' tanks are as high as 1.026. Maybe they died from an osmotic shock?


How is you water circulation? Maybe they simply suffocated, if your water doesn't get aerated.

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if all you parameters check out fine. then in my be osmatic shock. check the salinity of the lfs water befroe you aclimate. if it's more than a few points off, take you time aclimating. 2-3 hours drip should work. it's a little on the cautious side but after 6 dead fish i'd be cautious. also the first batch of fish might have been diseased. which could in theory contimanited you tank. if this is the case it could explain why the rest of you fish have died. i'd wait a couple of months or so justto be on the safe side. that should give the tank time enough to get rid of the parasite.

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