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LazyFish's IM nuvo 10g


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This is a long one so hold on!


I've been running a pico 4g finnex with the finnex canister filter & a small air lift fuge & ecoxotic panorama rbg for lighting for 4 years now. The stand is an antique wrot iron singer sewing machine base with marble top. It has been a great little tank but now it's time to upgrade.


After much web searching & oogeling at many of the new aoi systems I decided on the IM fusion Nuvo 10g.


Still using the antique wrotiron sewing machine base with the marble top. My determination of its load bearing capacity was probably not the most scientific but I think it should be OK. :rolleyes: I am about 138 lbs & sat on it repeatedly & did some wiggling around while the old 4g was still in place along with all the other junk I put on it. I guesstimate it was a little over/under 200lbs I had stacked up on it & it seemed very sturdy & solid.

I ordered from amazon it came in a huge box with lots of packing & a good thing as the package appeared damaged. I also had some denting on the tank box even with all the bubble/ pillow wrap. The tank was securely encased in foam in the box appeared undamaged. I ran it for a leak check then set it up! The glass is thick & dang this thing is heavy! The silicone is black & appears to be extra thick in the tank corners. Overall it feels very solid. The overflow teeth are fairly wide & it has a good flow going into the back compartments. I am not impressed with the top..the mesh thing is just ugh.I'm going to have a top cut for it. I will have to use thick glass & black out the edges to keep the black frame look at the top of the glass as this thing is rimless. The booklet states that it has a leveling mat that needs to be put under the tank...no mat can be found in packaging but there is a rather thin foam like pad stuck on the bottom of it. I'm guessing this is the mat? My Biocube had the same thing on it.

Filtration & equipment:

Pump/filtration media:
It came with a filter sock ?:confused: The sock is even worse than the dinky stock media basket they were shown to come with.
I have the basket from in tank & it is running puragen carbon & filter floss in it some of it has been recycled from the original tank. The return pump it came with is rated for 13-92gph it also has a mettle shaft.  I have a spin stream on the return. Upgraded to sicce 0.5 pump.

Had an im ghost nano on the tank but had too many issues with it and dumped it after a few months.

Lighting:I had the stock 18w skkye light. But I did not like it. I changed to.im prime it's perfect for this tank.


Set up:
Everything from my old 4g tank going in this one. I added some more CaribSea sea aragonite live sand to the existing sand bed keeping the black/white sand. I put in 2 smallish chunks of live rock that have been in my other tank for a long time. I think it's a little over 10lbs live rock now. I used all of my old water from this tank & some of the water from my bio cube to fill it up. There was no cycle on this tank.



The first picture is the pico just before I took it down the kenya tree is kinda lopsided. The lights had not been on very long. The picture dosn't do anything for the color of the tank as it looked way better in person.





post-89582-0-99060800-1446410027_thumb.jpg new fts 1/4/20


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I added a nockoff of the spin stream to the tank it was less than half the price & works just as well so far..The glass tops have been cut & placed for the tank & filter section & the corals are coming around to there new home now...they should look much better in a few weeks.



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Whats the output of some of the upgraded pumps that are being used? I'm really thinking about trying again with the old pump from the biocube 29

I use a Sicce 1.0, 251gph with a spin stream and an Mp10wes. Haven't had a problem with the overflow keeping up.

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I think the biocube pump runs at about 243gph. So it's not a huge difference from that sicce. I am going to raise the water level some more & try again with it then. I think perhaps my water level was just too low. At least it's quiet. This stock pump hums & is kinda loud to me...Also has a ceramic shaft instead of the mettle one that's on the stock.


The skimmer has been running for a few weeks now & has been making skimmate but it is very wet. I am going to keep messing with it until it looks better. It has been getting darker & less wet looking but I guess it may need more time before it starts working better.


I got a new clown a little while back. I was looking for a mate for my darwin missbar who has been single for 4 years but no one in town had any darwin clowns. My lfs had gotten in a huge shipment of SA Davinci & frost bite clowns about a month & a half ago. They still had a few of each left. Just under an inch long the other MUCH bigger clowns picked on this guy relentlessly. After over a month of being picked on he was very emaciated & ragged looking but still swimming well & trying to eat as best he could with the others beating him up. At 75$ O.O I really didn't want to pay that much for a fish that might die. I was leaning towards a cute little frostbite clown but the girl at the lfs was sure the biggest clown would kill him. Because no one wanted him so she asked me to take him & sold him to me for 50$ with an offer of a 40$ credit for another fish if it died in the next couple of days. I put the clowns together the other day & was worried about pairing but she immediately took to him & aside from running at him to make him do the submission shake from time to time she doesn't really bother him. He is still eating like a pig & is putting on weight but is still very thin. He is doing much better now but still looks pretty bad.




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Tank is doing well. The little clown is getting bigger & his color is looking brighter now. He is so wiggly. Its very hard to get a pic of him. He never sits still. I added a deep blue solar flair 7,000k single 3w led light the tank was a bit too blue for my taste. I may upgrade to ai lighting but I'm afraid the prime may be overkill on this tank. I plan to get one for my 29g soon so we shall see how it works out.

Insanely big spaghetti worm . :o Just the body was almost 3 inches. I have never seen one this big. It was crawling & squiggling allover the glass. It looks like an alien. :wacko:




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Tank is doing well. The little clown is getting bigger & his color is looking brighter now. He is so wiggly. Its very hard to get a pic of him. He never sits still. I added a deep blue solar flair 7,000k single 3w led light the tank was a bit too blue for my taste. I may upgrade to ai lighting but I'm afraid the prime may be overkill on this tank. I plan to get one for my 29g soon so we shall see how it works out.

Insanely big spaghetti worm . :o Just the body was almost 3 inches. I have never seen one this big. It was crawling & squiggling allover the glass. It looks like an alien. :wacko:

Looks good!

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I've been messing in the tank today the corals aren't too happy with me... The clowns have been hiding in the cave today & I managed to get some pics of them together. Usually the alternate between the biggest shrooms when they host.


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The AI Prime looks great on this tank. My camera can not even come close to picking up all the colors. I had to tweak the pic to get it to look like the tank but even then it's much better in person. The greens fluoresce much brighter. I'm running it at less than 1/2 power & the brightness is amazing. The only annoyance is that the AI logo light is on all the time & it blinks. The tank is in my bed room so it's annoying when I am trying to sleep. I covered it & the problem is now solved.

My shrooms seem to enjoy the light. My biggest one is fully open & is over 5 inches across <3. I have a other big ones about 2 1/2 - 3 inches across but I call the big mellon shroom the jolly green giant & the clowns love it. I'm ordering another prime for my Biocube 29 as soon as the top is cut.



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Love it! Thanks for the picture! I'm going to have to tuck this one away mentally as an idea for the future.


I was at my boss' house for a Christmas party and saw that they have a Singer sewing machine converted into a sink in their guest bathroom. That was pretty cool too.

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New additions added on yesterday! <3


sharknose goby! I <3 these little things. So wiggly. Very hard to get a decent shot of him. He is so cute. His anal fin & the bottom of his tail are such a pretty blue! I think his name is going to be Harold... Harold the goby.


Zoa frag I got for $10. It has 3 kinds on it. About 18-20 polyps on the little frag. Eagle eye zoas & radioactive dragons eye & also these smallish blue/greyish/metallic ones. The skits have a green stripe around them. I have no idea what they are. I wish I could get a more color accurate picture.The Dragon eyes closed when I started with the flash . Perhaps another time. My camera battery has gone dead & the lights are dimming for the night.


I think this thing is now stocked to the brim!



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Back when I had the 4g set up I managed to chip the rim during a water change. That is one of the things that has all ways kind of freaked me out about rimless glass tanks.

I have a rather thick & heavy glass top that was cut for this tank. I am always worried about it catching on the lip & chipping it or the tank. I got some of that rubber/plastic stuff that you put on the edge of your car door to keep it from getting scratched. It was about $7 for a big role. I put it around the edges of the tank & the lid. It fits but I did have to work it onto the thick glass a little. I got it in black but it also comes in clear if you want to keep the "rimless" look. I'm just happy not to be worried by the thought of chipping. It actually it looks ok on the tank along with the black silicone in the joins


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Tank looks nice with the lights ramping down for the evening. Everything is doing well. The shrooms are growing like crazy & I have added a photosynthetic Gorgonian about 4 days ago it is doing well. It shed its skin the night after I added it & has had constant full polyp extension with lights on & about 30-50% with the lights off & is frequently seen feeding. So far so good!


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The only problem I have had is with diatoms. things were going fine till about a month & 1/2 ago. I think it was a combination of the food I changed too & the substrate. Lots of cillicate & diatoms love that. I have similar substrate in my other tank (5-6 years established) & started using the same food & wham! crazy diatoms! Took me longer than it should have to figure out the food triggered it. The tanks is stable but these things are still popping up within 2 days after a cleaning my substrate & tank corners are BROWN!. Diatoms/cyano are bacteria not true algae. I've done numerous water changes after it started with no success. About 2 weeks ago I realized it was the food that started it (duh). After I switched back to my old food it slowed down a bit but I still can't seem to shake it. I've been adding a bio-booster with beneficial bacteria the last 3 days (hoping the beneficial bacteria will out compete the cyano/diatoms) & have seen a significant reduction & slowed growth in both tanks. But now today suddenly have a green haze on my glass like within hours ow wiping it off & its back ugh! Not showing any significant nitrates/phosphates ect...*bangs head on desk* Fish /corals all happy. I will figure it out.... possibly due to increasing my light output just a tad last night. Still It has to be feeding on something...could be feeding off something in that bio mix...We shall see. Will keep an eye on levels...also may try a 48 hr black out period.


Also I lost my x2 brain coral frags it started to wilt a while back I suspect chemical warfair from my many soft corals It has been limping along in my larger tank but the diatoms/cyano covered it repeatedly & finally did it in a while back.....aside from this it is doing very well.

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Diatoms mostly under control only see some on sand bed after 2-3 days.


Any one hear of a reverse Tyree toadstool? I read an article that talked about then a few years back but can't find it. I think that's what mine is. It started out with a neon green cap but it faded to all pink in my 4g tank. The color is coming back now under the prime.



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I think I finaly won the algae battle! yay!

Also my fish are great beggars even the Shark nose. The male clown is so prety now his color is amazing he has a few black dots showing up in his belly not sure what that's about they were very light at first but are getting darker now. Looks like he's gona be a spotted Davinci clown lol. He also has has this really nice ring of white around his tail that I love. He & the shark nose also like to cuddle my hand & none of them seem mind if I pet them. Not the clearest images but they wiggle around so much on me it's very hard to get a decent shot.


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Great pictures of the clowns. They don't bite you when you stick your hand in? All the clowns I have ever had always attacked me when I cleaned the tank or move corals around.. I loved them and hated them at the same time.

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The male usualy nibbles on me. Occasionally the female will do it but its not biting just sort nuzzling & mouthing on me & then they rub on me. Not in an aggressive way at all...I know how hard these boogers can bite & what they do is not biting. I had an evil one that would bite & draw blood many years ago...my friends clowns also bite......hard. These just move away & bob up & down watching when I move things around or hide from me when I am cleaning...The shark nose occasionally tries to pull the little hairs out of the back of my hand but mostly just scoots around all over on me like crazy. He has actually jumped out of the water & flipped over my hand/wrist a few times when going around & around on me super fast it is hilarious but I have to be careful that he doesn't jump out.

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I have new growth on the Gorgonia! :) about 1/4 inch of new growth showing up most noticeable on the shortest arm. I'm super happy that it is doing so well. The polyps appear much larger & fatter than when I first got it it's overall color is better too. My gorg in the 29g however appears to be ok but usually won't put out but about 50-60% of the polyps at one time & it completely closes up a lot. I have tried it in multiple locations in the tank. It gets more flow & about the same light as the one in this tank but isn't doing nearly as well & I have not noticed any new growth yet. :(


I have switched back to my old fish food (Hikari freeze dried foods). No more algae issues in this tank at the moment. :) The rock flowers seem to love it as much as the fish. If I break it up & rub it between my fingers a little the gorg can be seen picking little bits up & eating them too it seems to enjoy the food as well.


The algae is gone in this tank but I am still fighting diatoms in the 29g. It looks horrible so I am still holding off on starting a thread for the old oceanic biocube. I have noticed that same green film showing up recently on the glass with some slightly slowed growth of diatoms but it still all over my rocks...perhaps things will turn around in the 29g soon. I had a super fast growing green film of algae growing all over the glass in this tank just before the diatoms stopped. I'm going to do another few rounds of water changes & see if it helps....I am so tired of having a brown tank.....ugh!

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