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My 5 gallon

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Hey guys and gals here is my 5 gallon. I'm running Ai Prime over my tank. Filtration I use purigen,phosguard,and chemipure. All levels are at 0 and do weekly water changes. Corals seem to be doing great. I had to add a rock to the back wall for extra real-estate. I want to put a 1-2" clam on the sand bed and replace the candy can coral with a bubble coral. Any suggestions?post-89496-0-50079700-1446313665_thumb.jpgpost-89496-0-31141700-1446313740_thumb.jpg

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So here is the thing I tried dosing....and didn't turn out too good Lol.How do you guys dose these small tanks. I just do water changes to keep my levels good?

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It is the marineland portrait 5gallon it cost like $50. And the rock is held in place with aquastick gel I think that is what I used. It is the glue used for frags. Use rock rubble and glue different small pieces together.the glue won't stick unless the glass is clean of algae or debris . Sand is carib sea live sand.

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On 11/2/2018 at 2:55 PM, PshThisGuy said:

Nice! Is the tank still up? 

Just recently broke it down due to moving. Setting up a NUVO 20 peninsula as my next project 

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