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The 2.5 Project... (time Documented With Pic)


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I just purchased a 2.5g tank from Petco for $10, and it is gonna be my first attempt at a nano-reef... :) im going to document every step with pics here. Please feel free to give me any advice along my process, because im a newbie at reefing and nanoreefing...

Enjoy.... ;)



I just got the tank and painted the back black for a cleaner look...


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Very cool, samwoo2go. I look forward to seeing all the pics. This will be a very informative thead for many.


Good luck,



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People benefit so much from photo journals like the one you have begun. I hope you have the patience to document the whole thing. Good luck!!

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Thanks all, I wanted to do this because the only reason I even wanted to start a nano-reef was because I saw a couple of other members' photo journals such as this one.

I hope if some other people saw my project, they would want to start a nano-reef too, and therefore expand our hobby... :)



ok, I just got my filtration in... :woot: It's a Penguin mini filter w/bio-wheel. I will leave the bio-wheel in for filtration... I know they are nitrate factories, but they also do an outstanding job at removing ammonina, and nitrite... :) and since I'll be doing a 1%-2% water change everyday, yes, EVERYDAY with water from one of my bigger tanks, and a 10% fresh SW on every Sunday, I think I'll be alright... ;)


here is the filter on the tank, it actually fits perfect... (the length of the intake, and the height off the tank)


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Ok just got the lighting parts in today for the 20W retro PC lighting.



  • Rubber Incadescent Fixture
  • Plumbing U-Clam
  • Rotary Switch
  • 2 Hard Plastic Spacers
  • 2 screws
  • Coralife 50/50 20W Incadescent PC bulb
  • Goop Household Glue
  • Extension Cord
  • small mirror (reflector;) )



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I have a 2.5 gallon tank and I started off doing small, daily water changes but I've since discovered that my tank seems to do better with larger, weekly water changes. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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Ok moving the filter to the right side is a good idea, but I really dun think a surface skimmer will do much (althought its really fun and easy to do, because Im not going to put a filter pad in the filter (so I can keep the heater in there) so the stuff will come right back into the tank. Plus the waterfall from the Penguin biowheel will probably break up most of the surface scum anyway. Thanks for the advice guys, keep them coming... :)

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Ok, the canopy is complete with the lights. here is some pics.


here is the front









here is the inside, I used Chrome Paint so it reflects better, I also added a mirror (with velcro so I can take it off if I want) for reflector



here is the light switch from the top (sealed in with Goop)



from inside


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It's completely counter-intuitive, but I've read from several sources that a hood with a white interior reflects more light than a silver one. Makes no sense to me but there it is.


Looking good so far though! :)

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Are you talking about just the paint, or both the paint and mirror, cuz the tank is considerably brighter with the mirror... hmmmm...interesting.

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alright got some small LRs in, and build the aquascape today. fell free to comment on the aquascape, because I dun really like the left side, and dun know what to do with it.


Heres the rocks I got, the biggest piece(bottom) is about 5" across... as a scale.



Heres a close up sample



Heres the finished aquascape. Again I dun really like the left side, any ideas? (keep in mind I have all the rocks in the previous pictures to work with, except the 3 biggest pieces, that I'll be using for the MB5 :) )

Thanks guys


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O wow, I got mine from my LFS, cost me $22 for each one. I think Im just gunna return them and get the ones from webaquatics.

Thanks Travis... :)

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I was thinkin you could move the LR with the heater on it forward and put the heater down behind it. But that's just me.


But it's good lookin.

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