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One more A+ vendor added to my list!

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I can say nothing but great things about this coral vendor. The customer service was outstanding. I spoke with Holly, mostly back and forth emails with her responding almost instantly to mine and some of my dumb questions as well. I received a professionally packaged box, with perfect temp and no broken bags etc. I received some giant frags fro the money, also very healthy.....no stubs or nubs here. I now have one more vendor I can count on to get some quality coral from. I did get the 6 sps pack and of course some zz and pz.


Anyone looking to get some very clean, affordable, and also get some top notch service to go along with your purchase. Look no further.


Shots freshly after being added to the tank, PE is incredible now.


21961131828_35aa94bcb2.jpgIMG_0526 by -Nanofreak79-


22122797966_f1966ed1db.jpgIMG_0527 by -Nanofreak79-


21526175874_7396675f84.jpgIMG_0528 by -Nanofreak79-


22148984765_4d8742f8d4.jpgIMG_0529 by -Nanofreak79-


21962092869_4238b91503.jpgIMG_0530 by -Nanofreak79-


21526184174_9ff1e2d139.jpgIMG_0531 by -Nanofreak79-


21526203994_b500ea3b96.jpgIMG_0538 by -Nanofreak79-Q

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