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Anemone and Feather duster


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Will an anemone bother a feather duster? My anemone decided to move to the other side of the tank right next to my feather duster and seems content....for the moment. The feather duster does not seem bothered by its new neighbor.


I thought something was wrong with the anemone because it stopped eating, but today, ate like a little piggy and looks great.



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According to Fenner:


"They [Feather Dusters and Fan Worms] mix well even with some of the nastier cnidarians (anemones and other stinging celled coral animals) and are immune to the usual nettling or burning that can occur in crowded reef tanks"*


I have no experience with feather dusters but I think that we all can trust Bob Fenner. Good luck!!!


*The Conscientious Marine Aquarist

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