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PRO Corals Photos On The Cheap - Little Known Secret!

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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to clear out some of my photography gears to help fund new products development for my acrylics making business. These are part of my eBay business which has been crushed in the recent years due to big competitors from China :(. Your support is greatly appreciated!


If you're looking to get those professional close-up photos of corals for occasional frags sales or to show off but don't want to sell out for a $600+ dedicated macro lens, this is for you!


These Macro Extension Tubes are mounted between your camera body and the lens allowing your standard Canon (or Canon compatible) EF/EF-S mount lenses to get within a few inches to the subject as close as 1 inch, that's right! and the best of all since there no glasses in between these tubes, the image quality and sharpness is as good as your lens is.


For stock lenses such as a 17-55mm or the 50-250mm, the closet you can zoom in is at a distance of at least 1ft to 3ft, it's impossible to get such close up details of the corals that you have seen from the pro guys.


I have 4 types available that are compatible with all Canon EOS body (T3i, T4i, T5i, 7D, 60D, 70D, 5D MK2, MK3, etc.) and EF/EF-S mount lenses.

  1. Aluminium Body, Screw-on Extensions, Metal Mount w/Focus Confirm, Manual Focus/Aperture (shoot wide open on most Canon lenses): $25 (Stock: 11)
  2. High Quality ABS Body, Full Auto-Focus/Aperture Control, Plastic Mount: $65 (Stock: 2)
  3. High Quality ABS Body, Full Auto-Focus/Aperture Control, Metal Mount: $88 (Stock: 3)
  4. Aluminium Body, Full Auto-Focus/Aperture Control, Plastic Mount: $88 (Stock: 3)

All prices included shipping within the US. International shipping available upon request.


Please PM to order. I accept PayPal only.




Model: C1




Model: C2




Model: C3




Model: C4





Below are some example of photos (un-cropped) taken with a 13mm extension tube (model #C2) and a stock Canon 17-55mm STM lens and color corrected in Lightroom 5. These were shots through glass at nearly perpendicular to the corals for best/sharp result.











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