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clean up crew


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I'm getting the brown algee now so is it ok to get some clean up crew like snails and crabs? The reason i'm asking is my sand is getting hard and isn't stured up at all and i heard that its better for your tank to have the sand fine and have is always mixed up. If i were to get some would the live threw the rest of the cycle? Also what would you recremed for a 10gallon for a clean up crew? I'd like to have more crabs than snails if possible but tell me what you think!


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test your water. if you have no ammonia, no nitrites, and a small amount of nitrate, do a water change and get some crabs/snails.





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i tested and its not quite there yet so i'll do what you say and not add anything yet but i'd like to do as much reserch with clean up crews)and other things) as possible while i'm waiting so i know what i should get when i get there so doesn anyone have any ideas of what would be good for a 10gallon....?

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Patience. Do research. Do not blindly follow other people's advice. I see forums as a way of unifying prior knowledge and strengthening your grasp on things, not as a way to learn everything.

Borrow some books at your local library, and start reading about them. That way you can make decisions for yourself

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i know thats what i'm planning on doing but i wanted to hear what people with 10 gallons have in there tank just to get an idea!

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