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Why you should always QT your animals :)

Help Please

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Help Please

Basically, my QT tank consists of a 10 gallon tank an aquaclear filter, a heater, and a mag12 with a lil hydor attachment on the end. Other tools of the trade include the aformentioned pipette, tweezers and a magnifying glass,


I put everything but sps in QT whenever I get new animals, This is usually for a 48 hour period. If everything is on the up and up I will drain the tank and end the QT period. However, if there is an issue, in this case infestation by nudibranch's and Heliacus snails I will do the following:


1. Manual Removal of animals with tweezers and/or pippets

2. Appropriate dipping/additives based off pathogen.

3. Let the animal settle down and repeat.


Doesn't take much time at all and keeps the majority of pathogens, apatasia, and nusiance algea out of my tank and all my corals and fish alive.




Notice how badly the snails and nudi's desimated the colony and how much improvement the colony showed 48 hours later.

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