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Why you should always QT your animals :)

Help Please

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If that wasn't in water, i would assume that all the little nudi's were actually little crickets. Thats what they look like...the one in the middle even looks like a little mantis. Just not colored much.

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i don't know about the nudi's, but the snails are definitely bad... they look cool and all, but they will decimate any zoo colonies in your tank in a matter of days... i know this because it happened in my mom's 75g tank. she called me one day telling me that some of her colony rocks were starting to shrivel up and disappear. when i went to check her tank out, i couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. upon closer inspection, i saw one of those guys in each of the colony rocks that were receding rapidly. they were both nestled in the little part of the colony that was still alive. i tweezed them both out and took them to my lfs. he confirmed that they were predator snails in one of his invert books. so both snails ended up on the pavement of the lfs parking lot. after that, one of the colonies recovered completely, and is now thriving. but the other colony rock was damaged beyond repair, and is now just a piece of live rock.

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I just bought a colony of button/zoanthid polyps or rock that has a really cool snail in it. It is a aproximately 1/4" in diameter, shaped kind of like a box (mostly flat on the underside with a prominate cone shaped spiral), and it has a checker board pattern of black and white on its shell.

There is a very strong chance that this is a Heliacus sp. snail (Order: Mesogastropoda, Family: Architectonicidae). They are a hitchhiker commonly found on colonies of zoanthid polyps. A distinguishing characteristic of this snail is that the "door" (operculum) that covers the animal when it retracts into its shell is cone shaped (as seen on the picture page). This snail is a nocturnal predator of zoanthid polyps and should be removed. When removing this snail, be sure to check for smaller ones nestled in between the polyps.


Taken from here: http://www.reefs.org/hhfaq/pages/main_page...s/faq_rock2.htm


Some nudi's will do the same thing as these snails do. They usually take on the color of the zoa's for terrific camouflage, making them harder to notice.


Holy cow, that is a lot of zoa eaters you got there!

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Originally posted by TiGs

Some description why these are harmful would also be nice. People will like to know why these are bad.


I think it is because they will latch onto your face,deposit a embryo inside you and later burst through your chest cavity when you are eating Italian food or maybe it's because they will eat zoanthids and other corals....I can't recall which.:P

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would a freshwater dip to your soanthids solve that problem..........and if so how long do you keep your zoos in there?

not to steal a thread or anything

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okay, i admit i was kidding when i said nice snail. the snail in question is probably the kind that will eat zoanthids. the last statement should cover any liability i have for giving good/bad advice.

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My method:


Before adding new animal to main tank, place the animal in a container in which to acclimate with the main tank water by drip method. Now use a turkey blaster and blast the animal after 2 hours.


I got rid of a bunch of those nudi's.

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I don't QT corals, I don't have the tank to do it. That's why I always freshwater dip my zoo colonies. Setup some freshwater at the same temp, and pH as your tank water. Put two drops of lugols iodine per gallon in. Let the zoos sit in there for 5-7 minutes. At the end, grab the colony, turn it upsidedown, and twist it back and forth, then dunk it a few times. This should get any snails or nudis off. I always do this, and I haven't lost a colony, or had any snails or nudis.

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I use seachem's reef dip with a lot of success. I think it is just iodine.


Incidentally, you end up losing pods and bristles too.

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Originally posted by just dave

I think it is because they will latch onto your face,deposit a embryo inside you and later burst through your chest cavity when you are eating Italian food or maybe it's because they will eat zoanthids and other corals....I can't recall which.:P


Whew!! I thought they would enter your body rectally and take control of your will.

which movie this from?

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THOSE ARE ZOO EATING NUDI'S. I sold a few on RC recently.

That is a lot of them!

I only rid my self of them by OD'ing my tank on kalkwasser... all my snails and brittle stars, and what not died, along with the nudibranchs..... So far the zoo's are pulling through.

I would worry more about the nudi's than the heliacus, as they stay small... no more than 1/4 inch..... and breed rapidly, whereas the snails are easy to see and remove. inspect your colonies for circular or semi-circular clusters of eggs, they are usually placed on the side of a stalk of a single polyp.

Nice pictures.

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I remove snails or nudi's by manually inspecting the zoo/corals under water, than remove the nudi's by a small pipette.


This might not be as good as the chimical dip method.

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