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my (hopefully) s/l PS 15 gallon tank


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well i am planning on setting up a sps/lps tank (with some zoas maybe, but i doubt it beucase my 75 gallon is going to be a big zoa tank :D) any ways. I have a 70 watt 10k mh light and a 32 watt pc 10k/act. bulb. that is 102 watts of light in a 15 gallon tank. I would like to have an sps/clam only tank (i can keep up with calcium costs wiht b-ionic and kalk with such a small tank)


I have re-done my scaping to a way i like it, and ihave since added my clean up crew. I want to start adding my croal, and was hoping for a little help with coral placement. Flow is very good througout the entire tank, and i have a fuge with chaetomorpha. I have provided a picture wiht different zones hoping for advice on diffrent types (genus or species) that would do best in them (light accordingly)


I also want to keep an rbta in one of the darkter areas, to host my pair of clowns. tell me your ideas please!!!????


THanks, Derek



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