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missing clown......


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So I purchased 2 clowns for my 6 month tank on Tuesday. They adjusted slowly but always swam together. By Friday they seemed to be doing great. I did a water change and provided

some brine shrimp as dessert before I went away for the weekend. Got back today and one of the clowns is missing!!!!!! I don’t have an anemone so its not like it would be hiding there. All the corals looked great! I of course checked all my levels and everything is fine. I also checked all compartments in my Nano and nothing! What happened?????? Any suggestions? I am very sad :(.



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What kind of tank? Is it covered?


I have lost fish in sumps, filters, rockwork and to the dreaded carpet beast.


Try feeding and if it is in the rocks it will come out.


Sumps can really be deceiving, especially in a nanocube if thats what you got, grab a little flashlight, mine ended up there as did others.


I hope it is ok,




Sadly, there is always the chance it passed away and your scavengers ate it up. :ermm:

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haha carpet beast.

Yes, check everywhere with a flashlight or something, if you can.

Feed as was suggested, and keep looking


If you still can't find it, maybe you could contribute it to it somehow dying and then getting eaten by other inhabitants (happens all the time with freshwater; by the time i found my black skirt tetra, it was nothing but bones with eyes)


Check the rockwork carefully. Many things can hide in there.

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thanks guys!!! i did check all comportments and fed them brine shrimp again. I have a feeling it’s a goner. I can't believe though that it has been eaten completely in less then two days.

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Oh that's a loooong time to them. 2 days is plenty of time to get it all. Keep in mind, if it was dead - we are still hoping it isn't - the carcass could be stuffed up in the rocks someplace.


I would watch your ammonia and trites for the next few days just in case.

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