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Tank Cycled. Now what ?


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Tank is all cycled and ready to go. Now what Should I do first ?


Water Change ? Cleanup Crew ? Coral ? Inverts ? Fish ?


I currently have 3 damsels in the tank. I plan on taking them back to the LFS.


I know you gotta start slow .. but start where ?

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first thing is to catch those stupid fish!


then a water change.


then a clean up crew.


then wait.


then wait a little longer while testing your water.


after you make sure algae is not going to go crazy,,,,,,;


then what ever you want, as long as you add slow. (adding slow is the trick i have NEVER mastered!)




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LOL.. yeah nalbar. As you already told me once before .. that is going to be a real task. I have trying to figure out how I am going to Git-R-done on that one.


I think im gonna have to remove most of my LR and put in a bucket of water to catch them. Though I am reluctant as I Have qute a few feather dusters which are thriving within the latest round of rock I bought.

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What if I get a bucket of aerated water going (for 24 hours of course) .. put the rock in the bucket... fish out the fish.. then use the water for my water change ?

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Instead of using the water for your water change, why don't you take the opportunity to get out as much detritus from the rock as you can via a turkey baster, powerhead, whatever.


Oh god if only I can start my tank over.....

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