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NanoCube and Metal Halide


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Has anyone attempted putting a 75w MH bulb over a Nano Cube?


I have a ballast and bulb that is getting lonely. I mod'd my cube, adding another 32w PC but I just can't stop tinkering. B)


I don't have any problems building a wood/acrylic hood to go on the tank but curious about heat


Paul P

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i have the 75w on my nano cube. many here do. its open top though.


most who did it went with the regent pendant DIY project.




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Can anyone post pictures of their Nano Cube w/ metal Halide.


Do you find the light spill-over objectionable?




Paul P

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I want to see a water-sleeve-cooled metal halide bulb over someone's nano cube, I'll send $5 to the first person to pull it off.

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No water-cooled sleeve yet...but I do have 150W MH over my nano. Next, I will make a nano protein skimmer and a nano refugium. Spillover isn't too bad. However, the camera's flash really defines the line. That's what you're looking at if you don't have a chiller. 75W could probably get down to 6 inches with a fan in the pendant, so you might be fine.



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The Christmas lights are decorations left up from last year. I have them on the same timer as my lights for the tank so they don't annoy me at night. By the way, heat hasn't been an issue due to the pendant being 9 inches above the water line. I plan to get an iceprobe soon and lower the pendant to something around 6 inches. In the nano situation, a pendant is (in my opinion), the best way to go. I got the 150W so I could use it with a larger tank after I graduate from college. The pendant is a Sunlight Supply Reef Optix III; the ballast is a Sunlight Supply Blue Wave III. I got a Giesemann 14.5kK DE HQI bulb and have been quite impressed. All of this can be ordered from Premium Aquatics. I'll post a pic of my computer fan mod soon. I'd only recommend MH if you have quite a bit of tinkering time on your hands. The camera doesn't do the MH justice.




Tank shot



Fan (runs silent). The tank stays at 80 degrees. Before this fan, it was at 83. My house is at 70-73, however.


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Hey what did you make your hood out of? Im looking to make a metal halide pendant hood and yours looks like a DIY, and it looks good. I made one out of wood before (stupid me) and it slowly began to burn. It was pretty scary coming home to see my room half filled with smoke (and the smoke alarm not even going off..) Thanks

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