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Best LED for Chaeto in sump?


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I want to get my chaeto to grow the best in my sump. What's the best light for it without spending much money? It doesn't make a big enough difference to spend a lot of money on.


What do u guys think?

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Coral Compulsion's Refugium light. Does a great job. It is about $60 though. I setup a 5 gallon tank with random macro in it, just to grow things out.... It filled the tank with everything in less then a month. Including pest algae, but that was because I overfed the tank. :lol: 0 Nitrates though!

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I use a clamp light fixture that you can find in the automotive section of walmart ($15). The bulb I use is a GE LED that has a 5500K rating (5$). I don't have the growth rate Muraki is talking about, but my chaeto is definitely growing in my sump. Gone from a fist size to two fist sizes in about a month. I have a sponge doing well on it as well.

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