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Is this condylactis anemone upside down?


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Just got this little guy and i'm trying to get him to stick somwhere. I just let him go down to the bottom and settle and he is sticking that end up in the air and wiggling it. Is he upside down, should I move him? will he right himself? How do I feed him? Is this the kind the clown fish attach to? Help me out please just got this sucker thanks.

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man its ass jsut became the size of a freaking ballon and its stuck to a rock how cool. It was tiny and pissed off at the pet store, i dont think petsmart changes their water too often. The big one they had, had dropped off all its tentacles.

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dude you need to dosome research. that condy's bleached. you'll have tofeed hime. if he will even eat. morethan likely you don't have enough light for him. the number one rule is research brfore you buy. and save the life of animals youcan't care for. now if you discover you have an adaquate set up, and you have some basic information about the creature you wish to buy. (like which side goes up.) then ask a knlodgeable intelegent question. fairwarning you are probably going toget flamed for this post. but rember it only becuase folks on this board see these posts all the time. and we know what usually happes to these anenomes.


oh and normally a condy will eat a clown.

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That thing is pretty much doomed. Petsmart would be the last place I would ever get any livestock (petsmart carries saltwater fish and inverts???). When picking out a condy, it should be a dark cream color, should not be shriveled up like that one, and they normally do not host clowns. Some condies can be bright colors, but most are a pink or creamy color (not brown or white like the one you have).

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That is the saddest looking anemone I've seen in a while..lol. Seriously....that should be someone's avatar..I don't think I've ever seen a more awful looking anemone. "Having a bad life? Not half as bad as this guy......"




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Originally posted by 10gallonnightmare

Just got this little guy and i'm trying to get him to stick somwhere.  I just let him go down to the bottom and settle and he is sticking that end up in the air and wiggling it.  Is he upside down, should I move him? will he right himself?  How do I feed him?  Is this the kind the clown fish attach to?  Help me out please just got this sucker thanks.


Is he upside down Holy cow, I cannot believe that you asked that! You just started this tank the end of June, early July right? Past posts to you stated to wait longer then that (and that your lighting is low) for an anenome to be sure the tank is fully cycled. Please do some research on the condy to better care for it, if it makes it.

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1. That will be my avatar pic for now on.

2. OMFG! You should not have an anenome! Condi's are easier (but far from easy) to keep.. That one you have is burned to hell.. It appears to have some zoo in it, but its gonna take at least 2 months to nurse it back to health. More than likely its gonna kill your tank.


I recently acquired a purple tip condy. I took it for good will. I have a stable tank with no inhabitants ('cept for a clean up crew) and I promised to try to nurse it back to health. The ends of its tentacles were translucent and body was whitish (bleached). It should be a bit darker. The tannish color indicates that its internally doing good and that its health is good enough to feed itself. (They produce much of thier own day to day food). I got it to eat for the 1st time yesterday. I gave it 1/2 of a krill. It didnt look like it could handle it very good, so I am hatching up some brine napulii to make into a little paste for it. I hear the yolk sacs are really good for them. I have the proper lights for him and the proper circulation. But still, I am giving him a 50/50 chance of survival.


Here is what I think you will need to do:


1. Make a perch for him under a light with the live rock. His foot is badly weakened from the looks of it, so he wont be able to attach himself. I cant tell by looking if he is going to prefer sand or rock to attach. Despite what the professionals say, some like rock.. and some like sand.. So put some sand on the rock and let him choose. You may need to place a support rock for him so he can lean up against it. Make sure he is up against the light. The perch should be slightly sloped so that he can move if its not to his liking.


2. A healthy condy can withstand huge amounts of water flow. And really, thats what they get in nature. But this guy is weak and will not be able to tolerate the strong flow. But conversely, if he does not get good flow, his cellular necrosis is gonna drown him in pollutants. So you need to make sure the water flow is good enough to move his tentacles.


3. After about 2 days, you should see some color come back into his foot. It will be orange or so. Once you see that, you can give him some food. I suggest frozen krill, frozen carnivorous reef food, or something along those lines. Frozen store bought brine is a big No-No. Its full of disease and toxins and should never be given to a sick creature. More than likely its mouth is droopy so you may need to get a syringe or turkey baster and slowly feed it a solution of protiens. Do not force-feed a krill to an anemone. It should take it out of chop-sticks from you and feed itself. If its mouth is droopy, it will not be able to eat the krill.


4. You should do daily small water changes. This will help dilute the toxins its gonna produce as well as reintroduce the trace elements its gonna absorb.


5. It is gonna require a lot of aeriation. If you have a skimmer, use it. If you do not, use a bubble thingly. I strongly suggest the corallife wood blocks. They are cheap. They do a great job in producing lots of small bubbles.. This will help oxidize pollutants, keep the surface moving, break up light stealing organisms on the surface, and introduce air into the column. Condy's live on the surface of the ocean and often where there are crashing waves.


Other than that, you are in for a long and patient road.



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Rather than bash the crap out of this guy, why not offer some advice at least? What's up with everyone always hating on people just because they make a mistake (in this case apparently, a big one)?


Good post spineless..

at least someone offers advice.


As I tend to not research anemones, I can't offer you any help besides what has been previously stated (that anemone looks like death.)

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Dude...all you have to do is ask before you buy. I myself am a newbie (up and running since MAy) and there is WAY to much to think you have it down. I came close to buying an anenome and after talking with LOTS of folks realized that well...better spend my money somewhere else. ALSO! Go to a GOOD LFS NOT PETSMART.

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The recommendation that the tank is not ready for an anenome (7/3 thread I believe) was already stated to 10gal.


Hating? Not hating on people, but if you don't want to know, don't ask! To ask and then proceed, was just irresponsible and selfish.

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whoa whoa whoa

petsmart carries salt water?

can you tell me where this petsmart is? cause i used to work at one and they said they would NEVER go to salt water and that was a company policy so i would like to know which store it is and go back there and ***** them out

oh and i dont work there anymore

i tried my best to help the place out but after 3 years its just hopeless and they wanted me to learn stuff about small animals and birds and i told them i only do aquariums

once im not there everything goes to hell and the people that do work there dont know a single thing about anything and i know that for a fact

i went to 4 diffrent stores just to see if they do know anything and they dont they just spit out B@#%$&*!



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There is a Petsmart here in Chattanooga and they have a fairly impressive salt water / coral supply area. They even have stuff like Aragamilk, minireactors and AC500's with "Special Uses" attached to it.. Someone knows how to stock.. It looks like they are turning inventory too..


I also noticed that thier freshwater plant selection is super nice with over 1000w of mh to keep them healthy.


What impressed me the most was the fact that they had about 60 tanks full of fish and not a single one was salt water.


That manager knows how to do things right..


Give people what they need and dont try to sell what the employees cant keep alive.

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Actually this was Petco and I basically saved the anemone's life. BTW that picture was taken immediately after I dropped it in the water. BTW it was already 10 times the size it was at Petco and now it is 50 times the size. I basically saved its life. When I went back the other anemones had were all dead just the foot remained. Well here is mine now, its found a nice spot between two rocks and is writhing away and has been eating pices of boiled egg white as well as tuna from my hand.

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i'm happy that you "saved this anenomes life" but it still has a long road a head. condy's are pretty hearty. i've kept three. all but the first one (which tried to eat me... don't ask...long story...) out grew the tank they were in. the folks here have given you good sound advice. your lighting unless it is very intense pc or prefreably mh will not be enough to real;ly enjoy this creatures beauty. and since you tank is very new. (three months is very new in a tanks life.) you will have to watch your water paramaters very close. tanks under 6months of age tend to have variations in water chem. anenomes don't really like sudden changes. this is why it is reccomended to only place an anenome in a seasoned tank. (6 months plus) so keep a close eye on it feed it small particles of food often so it will remain healthy and i strongly urge you to upgrade your lights if you don't have alot of pc lights or mh. hth.

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Your feeding it egg??? Hmmm ok.... Why not return it before it dies. It may look good now, but just wait.. ecspecially since you have low light.

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so youre saying egg white and tuna is no good? It eats it pretty good and seems to be enjoying it self. If you know for a fact that boiled egg white is no good for the anemone let me know but its just heresay you are giving me then admit that as well.

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imagine the aqua-farts it drops...


yummm yummm eggge yummm yummm




and if you ever farted in the shower you know how bad they can be:D

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