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Dismal 96w powerquad lifespan


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I've had my 16" 96w powerquad (Coralife) for about 8 months now. Earlier this month, my macroalgae quit growing and my Xenia actually started shrinking. I noticed the tubes were getting black, so I ordered a new powerquad and WOW! the new one is like twice as bright, and more importantly, twice as blue!


I suppose now I get to look forward to an algae bloom. X)


How long are these things supposed to last, anyway? I had figured on replacing CFs annually, but it looks like every 6 months is a more realistic target.


Mine are used 10 hours a day, BTW. What's your experience with CF lifetime?

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im with ya on that one.. not just the 96w but any 50/50 bulb iv tried has a pretty useless 6-8 month life span. I had some catalinas that i got from psl that barely lasted 6 months.

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