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Battery Backup Sparked and Set Fire!


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I have a Cyberpower UPS that I had hooked as a battery backup for my Jebao pumps.


This one: http://www.cyberpowersystems.com/products/ups-systems/intelligent-lcd-ups/cp1350avrlcd.html

Got it from Costco about 18mo ago.


I have a power adapter attached to it, and as usual I use it to plug my water change pump into it. Well today when I pulled the cord out the damn thing set on FIRE. It sparked like crazy and I saw flames come out.


I immediately turned it off and put it outside. After making sure it wasn't going to explode, I opened it up and looks like the main board is gone.


Any ideas why this could have happened? I don't care its blown up...I just don't ever want this to happen again in case I did something wrong!

There was no water on it or anything. I just unplugged the pump and boom off it went!



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It happened because it isn't designed for aquarium use most likely. Something about true sine power. I forget exactly but certain battery backups are not designed for certain items. Our pumps need a different source of power then this can output.

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Before I purchased it...I read about it but all it said was that certain pumps may or may not work. Nothing that it could have been a fire hazard! Could have burned my house down!

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