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Pleasse help!


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hello guys ... I'm riding a picoreef .. with 30x27x30 with rear sump 8cm ... I wonder what I can put in the sump pump to be recalc ... I have an average circulation for 'll have a SPS it ... a seriatoporas ... I read some articles about bombs esquentao ... but are on the flow line 1000l / h upwards eai some indication ? sb would buy a 300 or 200 l / h but not know if it will become a hurricane ... please help me if possible ..



What coel can buy just want to control the free cooling with him .


And what medias should I use in sump ...


.. Substrate bought Samoa pink .... this ok ?


Buy alive or dead rock ? My doubts and cuz the store will buy the rocks ... the guy and very relaxed and I'm afraid plague came right away ....


Lighting a lamp 15w PAR38 LED with 5 of each 3w cree this good ?


the cycling period I do tpa ? or just lay back water ?


thank you guys!


all the help and welcome.

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I'd probably stick with the stock return pump (as its primary purpose is to supply water to the filter). The majority of the flow throughout the display is normally generated by a powerhead/wavemaker in the display section. You'll want between 40 and 60 time total turnover (return pump + display powerhead) for SPS.

For filter media, I'd use floss (for mechanical filtration) and chemical media (such as activated carbon, ChemiPure Blue, Purigen, or SeaGel).

If you are concerned about pests, go with the dry rock. Seed it with a nitrifying bacteria culture.

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