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Steverino's nuvo 8 build


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Well I might be a little late to the nuvo 8 party, but better late than never. I started a 29 AGA mixed reef tank 12 years ago and kept it running for about 7 years. The hobby progressed a lot in that time period and during that time I found out how my set up was not ideal. After being without a tank for 5 years I'm back in the hobby and this time I have a wife and 2 year old to enjoy it with.


Lighting: Nanobox mini

Filtration: IM media basket with Chemipure blue and a phos pad. I also perform a 2.5 gallon water change every week.

Flow: MP10 original from my 29 gallon

Controller: RKL from my old 29 gallon

Heater: Hydor 50w at 78.0

Salt: Aquavitro Salinity 1.0260

ATO: Tunze Nano


Here is first evening with it. We were mixing salt.








We put in roughly 6 pounds of live rock.



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Cycling. This is three weeks in.






I'm actively looking for new light do to the fact that I'll probably start adding corals before a fish. CUC will be before corals however.

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Well I added a cleanup crew after getting water checked by LFS. I've added 2 very small blue legged hermits, 2 cerith snails, and 2 trochus snails. My son finally has something to look at beside rocks.


I've also been trying to find a sweet spot for the mp10 as the sand I have is a pretty small grain. I'll slowly vacuum it out during water changes and go with something larger.

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Well I've added some corals. I've added 3 types of zoas, a red macro algae(flame?), a green favia, one orange ricordia and a frogspawn.


I also have a new light on the way. I bought a used mini tide that will be sent to Dave for a new paint job and a couple of tweaks.


I'm also slowly removing my current, very fine grand sand to make room for some black sand with a larger grain size so that my mp10 won't blow it everywhere.


FTS as of 8-16-15




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I've had lots going on since my last update. I bought a small clownfish. He's been eating flake and frozen like a champ. He's definitely feeling confident as he bit my hand today. Lol. I've also added 2 blasto frags and 2 small rasta zoas. I also put my black sand in after my weekly water change today. I'll post some pictures soon.

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FTS on 8-31-15




Finally replaced my sand bed. This is as of 9-7-15. :happydance:



Looks really nice! Did you ever get the minitide on top of your tank?
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No not yet. Let's just say it took a long time to get to Dave. I emailed him a couple days ago and he said he hoped to get it shipped Friday. So as you can imagine I'm checking my email like 30 times a day.

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Looks great!


What is the black gravel (coral?) called? I'd like to mix some of that with my white coral. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! The gravel is Caribsea arag-alive Hawaiin black. My MP10 would just launch the fine grain sand I had. This gravel stays put pretty well, and it's still fine enough that my ceriths can bury themselves without any issues.

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Had to treat my Rastas with some Furan 2 last week and they are looking much better. They are actually opening up. I'm Keeping a close eye on my others zoas but so far so good.

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