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Stabilizing calcium/alk


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I just began dosing recently and I have been testing a few times a week but I cannot seem to figure out how to calculate a dosing regimen to keep my parameters stable - specifically my calc/alk. What is the best method to do this?

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Get both alk and calc relatively and safely elevated; test and record alk/calc readings. Then test daily over a period of several days to get a good consumption rate. Do not perform a water change during this period cos it'll funk your numbers up. After several days of watching and recording your parms decline, calculate a good consumption rate. Now do a standard dose once. The next day measure again. Your reading above what the previous day reading minus your daily consumption was is the boost from dosing. You'll get a number that is something like A ppm per dose ml (or scoop,or teaspoon)


At this point, dose accordingly to boost your parameters the same amount your tank has consumed since the last dose per your calculations. The less time between doses (I.e. daily vs every three days), the more stable your tank. Test every two weeks or a month to make sure the tank's consumption rate hasn't changed.


P.S. Don't forget to account for boosts from water changes thereafter.

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