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Coraline Algae VS. water flow


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I have seen people just have there power heads spray into the water column, but i have also seen people spray the power heads at there live rock.


2 questions:


1. Does spraying at the live rock provide any enhancement for the biological filter?


2. My main question, All my rock is finally almost completely covered in purple and green coraline algae. Does spraying at the rocks increase the ability of coraline algae to spread, say on to the glass? The reason i ask is because i would like purple and green coraline to cover the back wall of my tank, and also to cover the intakes for my skimmer and filter.



Or, should you not point the ph at the rock, or do a little of both?


Any suggestions how to do this.


ps... all the chemistry stuff is fine.


it is spreading like mad on the rock, but none is on any of the pipes or glass.





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it seems like on my old tank, when i had a ph spraying at the rock, it seeded the lace (dead) rock much faster.


i am not using dead rock w/ this tank. all live, but just wondering comparitively.

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yes, spraying will spread the spores around your tank. but it will get there anyway if you already have it spreading on your rock.


i have found it grabs plastic first. it seems anything plastic in my tank gets covered faster than the glass.




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Mine grows best where the flow is the highest. I dont think pointing a ph at the rock would enhance any filtration though.

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