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Ebay metal halides


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Well nano-reefers, I have been researching for months and months about nano reefs. Recently, I was in my lfs and a guy brought in a 58g oceanic and I bought it at a good deal. It came with lights (suffecient for a fish only) tank, and the stand, wet/dry, and a skimmer.


I have not set it all up yet but I did buy some lights off of ebay. The seller goofed up and sent me 1 10k and 1 13k instead of 2 20k's but he is being helpful now in making sure i get my 20k bulbs. I snapped a few pics of them on.


I got 2 x 250 watt bulbs, sockets, mounts, reflectors, and a ballast for 240 bucks after shipping. Here are some pics...






the 10k alone....



the 13k all alone




overall, for the money I am satisfied. The kit came with catalina bulbs and advanced m58 magnetic ballasts.

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I know there are alot of people on a budget here (like I am :D ) and for a plug and play package, it a good price. I could be wrong (and probably am :P ) Just though I would share. Take this as you wish.



and I know a 58g isn't a nano :P I just feel as though I owe this site something from all the useful information I have gotten from it. :)

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yeah i would say thats a pretty good deal

i was lookin and for 2 m58 ballasts would be 102 at hellolights and the cheapest bulbs i could find were 50 a piece and those are without shipping and without sockets and reflectors

good job on your find


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I'll shut up about the total cost of my 400w halide system being $150 now....lol. (Got the ballast for $60..a complete steal even though it is old and power-hungry..from a local reefer who bought 6 of them for that price on Ebay..throw in $70 for my bulb and $20 for the reflector and I'm set..:) )





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