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clams and sps under pc's


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MH is great but PC is workable. This is a 10G tank with 72W of PC light about 5" from water surface.


The Maxima's been in the tank for 6 months, note the new growth



The colour has not change a bit.



All pics are a month old. Don't have a DC with me now.


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That's totally sweet! I have a hex so It's hard to fit light on mine, lol, the most I have found in a 12" fixture is 36w, so that's what I have, lol, but truly awesome!

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Clams do well when theyre small under PC's BECAUSE at that stage they are reliant predominantly on phyto and not too much on light, but as they age and grow, they dont want the "bottle" no more and guess what?...dying clam. Ive had buddies go all crazy happy because their 2 inch maxima is doing well and cursing me and my mh out. guess what the clam got to 6-7 inches and it was withering. The blue mantle clams are of special note on their high light demands. Sheesh i want clams so im upgrading to 175 so i can keep them well

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