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setup a 1.6Gal


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I'm setting up a 1.6 Gal hex tank and would like to keep 1 cleaner shrimp and 2 buleleg/redleg crabs after cycled.


It comes with UGF/Air pump, can I use it for SW, I also will put 2 lbs of cured LR in it to get the cycle start.



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the problem with pico reef is no room for error. ugfs can lead to more problems than they are worth. id get rid of it and use a hob for water movement and a little extra volume. got to make sure water topoffs every day and maintain routine water changes. should be doable in most cases, but experienced reefer may get better results, esp if they can take stuff out of the main tank.

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I wouldn't keep the shrimp, b/c they get pretty large.


Maybe replace the cleaner shrimp with 3-4 sexy shrimp? A neon goby would also work.

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With all respect jmt, I would have to disagree, I wouldn’t keep a goby (or any fish) in a 1,6 gal hex tank. :unsure:

The cleaner shrimp would be a better choice IMHO (if I had 2 choose).

What EtOH says is very good advice raydi.



gedemeister :)

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