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One of zoa colonies not opening


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Hello everyone,


I have recently bought 2 zoa colonies to my tank. One of them has opened up quite nicely but the other one is struggling for some reason. As the reason is unknown to me I would like to hear advice from more experienced reefers.


What I have noticed is that my shrimp is walking over the closed colony quite often probably irritating it. Question is, provided that this is the cause why it is closed, if the colony can get used to it in time.


DSC 0019


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If the shrimp is walking over it there may be something in there that he is trying to get out or that could just be your shrimps "area" and he will keep walking over it. You can try putting it somewhere else and see what happens, zoas can be temperamental and don't like to be messed with. Just give it time and they'll do their thing. I had mine in my tank for a full year and they didn't grow much at all and then I leave for deployment and BAM the wife sends me pics of them exploding and growing like crazy.


Just remember with your tank the more you mess with it the more it's gonna mess it up, just let it be and give it time.

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Were the zoas open at the store? Or did you buy them sight unseen? If you saw them open in the store, then I suspect the shrimp are eating something on or around them, like nudibranch eggs.

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Hey guys thanks for advice. During the day today they were trying to open up (up to like 50%). However then the shrimp just walked over them and they shut down for the rest of the day. She does not pick anything out of it, so I do not assume that there is some pest around the polyps.


Anyway seems that she is the main reason. Any idea if the coral can get used to it? For example the other colony, when annoyed by hermit or shrimp. reopens quite fast.

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Just give them time. I've had a few that haven't opened for days after transporting them.


Also where are they in your tank? What kind of lighting where they under? What are they under in your tank?


If you are running LEDs and they came out from under something low powered at the store you will probably need to turn your lights down some so they can adjust and put them in the sand bed. I start everything in the sand bed and move it up slowly to where it's gonna be.

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