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Majano question...


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I have what I believe to be a Majano that came w/ my liverock. It is about 2 inches from my colony of zoos so I am concerned...furthermore, it is taking over a prime location of the rock where I would like to place other corals or have the colony spread over.


The Majano has not spread at all since I got it (about 2.5 months now). But he has doubled in size. I can attach pictures later.


Anyways, I read that Joe's Juice seems to work, but is that just a temporary fix? Like if I tried to apply it to that one Majano, will pieces of it somehow get spread around and then a month later I'll see 3 new Majanos? Or will it take care of it then and there.


Is it possible to safely extract the majano with tweezers? Or will this leak too many toxins into the tank. I tried siphoning, but that sucker won't budge.


Or since it's only 1, should I just get rid of that nice piece of live rock and add another piece? if I tried to add another piece of live rock, will my tank re-cycle and hurt my current livestock?


Sorry for so many questions.

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I've used Joe's Juice on some aiptasia in my tank, and it works pretty slick, but I always seem to get one or two aiptasia coming back. Granted, it's usually a few months later. I just nail it again with the JJ and don't worry about it for a while. If you try to take it out with tweezers, you'll probably end up cutting it and not getting it all out, and any little piece that is left, or floats around could possibly turn into another pest.

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Sorry if this is obvious and in other posts...but where do you purchase Joe's Juice? I haven't seen any at my LFS's.


And has anyone tried it on Majano? I've heard rave reviews for aiptasia, but not sure if they would react exactly the same to JJ.

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i have a couple majano's and i never killed them when they came on the rocks b/c they were so pretty. One is about 1.5 inches across now and the other is catching up. I hand feed them and everything b/c they have never caused any problems. They've never stung anything, moved, or never multiplied once.

But if you are concerned ive heard many success stories about majano and joes juice...and even more (including myself) that had success w/ aiptasia w. it as well. IMO JJ's kills majano's better then aiptasia~

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i dissected off the majano that came with my zoanthids. it was pretty easy to peel the recessed majano away from the rock. apply side pressure evenly and the majano will let go. if it leaves some tissue behind be sure to scrape off every piece of tissue attaching the majano to the lr or else it'll grow back. (kind of cool to watch growing back. took like 4-5 days.)


i'm pretty sure that joe's juice will not cause the majano to break into tiny pieces. essentially it'll just shrivel up.

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