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Water Temperature


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I did a search but I didn't get a specific answer. What should the average water temperature be? I have a 29gal and I've read somewhere it should be around 83 deg Celcius. My friend went to our local petstore yesterday and they told him it should be between 70-79 deg C. I'm confused here.


What should it be?

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I think you are talking about degrees fahrenheit... because 80 degrees celsius is VERY hot... almost boiling. I keep mine at 79 degrees Fahrenheit (a little over 26 degrees Celsius).

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Generally speaking..the hotter the tank (up to about 84 degrees Fehrenheit), the faster the growth rates and metabolisms of the inhabitants. This has its upsides (accelerated coral and fish growth) and its downsides (increased fish metabolism=increased fish waste which can equal increased algae growth rates if you don't have a big enough cleanup crew/skimmer/nutrient export system). Having said all that..I like to keep my tanks between 80 and 82 degrees Fehrenheit. Its a good compromise between optimal growth and waste control.




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I try and keep my water around 80 degrees. The average water temp in the ocean where most corals come from is around 82+ degrees most of the time. I've read several articles that have said that keeping water below the 79 degrees likely causes some iimmune stress over time so it's something to think about....



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