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Feeding Question


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How about this for a feeding regimen for my tank. Many of the hitchhikers mentioned below are clams and mussels. I got this from someone running a 20 gal on this site.


Phyto-Plex Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Black Powder and Spectra VItal every Monday.

Cyclop-Eeze every Wednesday.

Liquid Fresh every Friday



I wasn't sure if the liqui-fresh was necessary, I had never seen anyone else use it, but any recommendations on tweaking this would be appreciated.


I have a chili, a yellow leather, and some yellow polyps on the way as well.

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I will personally never buy a Marc Weiss product again. I think they are all crap!


Here's what I feed (for the corals anyways) and it seems to work well.


1/4 - 1/2L of live phyto a week. (added at various times)

Frozen Cyclopeeze 2-3 times a week

Golden Pearls twice a week




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As far as filter feeder food, use DT's, Cyclo-peeze, and Golden Pearls. Any thing you don't have to refrigerate or freeze doesn't belong in my reef tank as far as I'm concerned (this goes for fish food too).





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Thanks Cellenzweig. Anyone else? Why are Mark Weiss foods crap? I know it is all just basically opinion but..

I bought his BacterVital and it didn't do a thing. I have heard other say that they have had the same experience with various Weiss products. There are people that swear by his products, but ime, the majority of people agree with me. It is the only product that I have bought that doesn't list the ingredients. If you go to his website, there are bunch of outrageous claims about how great his products are, with nothing to back them up. There are no "miracle products" in this hobby. Just my opinion...

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