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Garf Grunge?


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After doing a search and reading some back posts about garf's grunge, I am very tempted to try some of their grunge out in my future AC300 refugium. (I don't want it in my 2.5g tank because I am going to use black sand...)


Now the question is, who here uses garf's grunge in their tank? Did you seed dead rocks? How does your tank look? Does it make nice coralline?


I want to get grunge because I plan to use dead rock and thought it would help with the coralline (instead of figuring out how to seed it with coralline scrapings from my live rocks in my other tanks). The extra critters it has would be nice too since I am going with black sand which has no biodiversity.


Mostly, I want to see pictures of tanks that use grunge. :D

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did you look at the tanks on there web site? they have pictures of the actual grunge in their tank where they get it from.


i haven't used it yet, but i know people who have and there tanks look awesome. sorry no pics.


i might get some too if i decide to add a refugium.

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