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Reworked my scape, added sandy bottom


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I had trouble with rock stability issues and I went ahead and reworked my scape. I wanted to add sand too--I want creatures that like sand. I used 3/4" starboard and 1/2" fiberglass rod. I removed all the corals to my QT, and removed all the rock to buckets. I drilled and stacked. Plunked it in the tank and added sand. It looks deeper than it is since there is a big chunk of starboard under it. I have some chunks of rubble I will fill in the gaps where you can see the rod. I had stuffed some in there and it looked good. Too pooped to monkey with it any more, so I took them out so they would not fall out.



Here is what it used to look like. Not enough room for anything, just a big pile of unstable rocks. This was from late last year.


And now







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Looks pretty sweet. What are your stocking plans?


Thanks. I dunno. I can't make up my mind! Maybe a mantis...

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