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Cultivated Reef

Life in the tank


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Every time I look at my tank during cycling I am seeing new things.


I have found a tiny feather duster which I love, I have purple coralline on some of the rocks but I have also found a few aptasia...those have to go


Now Asterina star fish, I swear these things just turn up. Never had them in my 55g but so far 3 of these have appeared. I hope I don't find anymore :angry:

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Yeah I don't think you're doing too bad so far with "pests"...



I've always had asterina stars in my tanks and they really don't bother much. Except this one time where the population was stable for the longest time (a few years) and then suddenly they were all over the place, and had an appetite for coralline algae. So I started manually removing 40 or so of them each water change and that was pretty effective.

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