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IM Fusion 10 Dead-zone suggestions


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Any suggestions on what to do with the "dead zone" on the 10 Filtration? is would number 3 on the image:




You might be overthinking this TBH. I don't think that you need to bother with this. I have never bothered to even clean back there on my fusion 10G after almost a year and all of my levels are 0. My 2cts.
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Yeah it's not really a dead zone because the return pump pulls water from that whole section, so there is actual turnover down there.

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I concur. My Fusion 10 has been up and running for 5 months and I never did anything about "the dead zone," which, as noted above, isn't really dead.

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Yeah Im not sure its much of a dead zone because the water trickles over the baffle and falls down into the return chamber then the pump pulls it in. However, on my aquapod 12 the water enters the return section from the bottom and all the water above the pump is in fact a dead zone. If that makes any sense.

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