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Legendary Corals

$100 Shipped Zoa Packs!

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Legendary Corals
Hello Nano-Reef!

We have three awesome packs! If you guys are zoa fans, this is definitely for you. smile.png.64e5cefda357c455ee9bde77ffa189

This sweet 6 morph pack is only $100! You can't beat this deal. We can only make a couple of these bad boys. First one to purchase gets this exact one.

Top Row: Tutti Fruitys, Pink Poodles, Pomegranates

Bottom Row: Shiznits, Warp Speeds, Macaws/ WIld Aces


This next pack is 8 high end morphs. There are a good amount of really rare morphs in here if you know your zoas. I can only make a couple of these. First one to purchase a pack gets this exact one.

Top Row: Rainbow Sakura, LC Hyper Phoenix, Rainbow Hornets, Candy Apple Pinks

Bottom Row: Mango Tangos, Holograms, Glitter Bombs, White Velvets


For those looking for a big boost in their collection... I present to you the 16 morph pack! Hand picked each one to provide a variety of colors and rarity.

This pack is easily worth $700+. You will be receiving this EXACT pack. Sorry for the poor photo, the camera isn't as sharp when I tried to squeeze these many frags into one shot.

Row 1: 3p Strawberry Explosions, 2p Macaws/ Wild Aces, 3p Goldilocks, 3p Candy Apple Pinks

Row 2: 4p Rainbow Hornets, 1p Blue Nova (extremely limited), 5p Pomegranates, 2p Gonzo's Citrus Coolers

Row 3: 1p LC Crystallines, 1p GB Mango Salsa, 1p Goldmeisters (gets a wicked pink skirt), 3p Fuchsia Voids

Row 4: 1p Black Magics, 3p Holograms (this morphs between pink and blue, very unique), 3p Rainbow Sakuras, 3p LC Vicious Vixens


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dang, that first pack is sweet, i need to get my tank back in shape, it had a mini crash from bryopsis treament

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Digging damn, son! Always droppin bombs

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aww man i really wanted to not like this so i didnt have to order it. there goes my birthday cash

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