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Filter question


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I have a question and I'm really not sure what to do.

I will be running an hob filter only besides my LR and sand. Should I be using a filter sponge or floss?

I never ran either in my 55g just carbon or phosguard but I had a skimmer on my 55


Please help

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No sponge. Floss is OK, but you need to change it frequently (every few days, not weeks). The floss should come before any media.

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If you are running media, then for sure place some floss before it to trap the big chunks of crap so it doesn't clog your media. You can run it 24/7, but it should be replaced every few days. It is amazing how dark brown/grey it will get in a short amount of time. If you change it regularly, it doesn't become a nitrate problem. Get the floss at Walmart, it's cheap.


It will also depend on how often and how much you feed. Floss is not necessary, but will definately keep the water cleaner if you feed heavy and helps remove the crap before it gets to be a problem.

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With a hob filter I would say filter floss is basically a must. You can be successful without but man, team it up with a skimmer and your water will be crystal clear.

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I stupidly used the sponge that comes with an AC 110 and it was definitely a large contributing factor in a big algae outbreak. Now I use floss followed by chemipure elite followed by a filter pad that is very similar to felt. The floss gets pretty gross every few days!!

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Pathofdeception, I did that with my 55g, I had a remora skimmer and my hob...my water was crystal clear and my perameters were perfect.


Kellynano- i did the same thing in the early stages of my 55g, i had the sponge in and had a bloom of algae. I only ran carbon and phosguard after that lesson and never had an issue again.

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