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clown hosting on xenias?

eduardo cavalcanti

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eduardo cavalcanti

can anybody tell me which clown is easier to host on xenias? i don´t want to put an anemone on my tank but i have lots of xenia in it, so i think it would be a good choice for it. i´ve already seen marron clowns and tomatos doing it. what do you think?

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i have tank raised ocellaris that play in just about every coral i have.


mainly anthelias, and star polyp.


ocellaris that are tank raised would probably be a good choice, as tank raised are hardier anyway.


i dont know that you would get the same results w/ percs.


i have heard of many people having clowns host xenia though.

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Wow I would have though the xenia would take a hike, I never heard if this happening. Glad I read this post!





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its always different in most cases. I know people that have had true percs (Tank raised) for 2 years and no luck, but I also know a few people with Tank Raised and they are hosting everything in the tank pretty much. Wild Caught can vary as well, the only difference between WC and TR is that the WC "may" have had experience with hosting something in the wild...so it might be easier to host in captivity. TR will eventually host if they get restless and have no choice...they have symbiotic relationship and they dont know why they host, but they just do.


I would say its hit or miss...your best bet would be WC, not a baby...medium size which runs a higher chance that he was hosting in the wild. Once you get your clown to host, you will see its not a big deal anyway :)

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pos is right. I got lucky and mine loves its hairy shrooms - he is always playing or sleeping in them, even feeding them.


It is a TR ocellaris, and will play in almost anything, but the shrooms are def home base for it and he protects them from anything that comes near.


I actually picked him out of the tank on the basis that he was playing with the powerhead. I figured well, at least he has personality lol.

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