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Kessil tuna sun vs tuna blue? Which one is best for reef tanks?


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The Tuna Sun is designed more for planted freshwater tanks, not coral / saltwater tanks. The kelvin rating is 6000k to 9000k. Since this is nano-reef, I would guess that you are not upgrading a freshwater planted tank, so I would guess the Tuna Blue is the one you want.

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The confusion is probably because Kessil decided to call all their aquarium lights after the "Tuna XXX" after the Saltwater A350. Possibly because the A vs H for aquarium vs hydroponics didn't differentiate the product lines enough. The Tuna Sun spectrum lights used to be called Amazon Sun, no tuna in it anywhere. Far less confusing for aquarists, but probably more confusing for the home pot growers who thought "Amazon Sun, green band on the rim, that must be the one I want!"

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