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ich?!?!?! please help....


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tank specs:


12g JBJ nano cube (stock)

12 lbs liverock

20lbs sand

1 yellowtail damsel

2 percula clownfish

open brain anemone


bubbletip anemone




About a week ago I diagnosed one of my perculas with what I thought was ich. My fish had white little "salt like" speckles on it's body. I tried freshwater dips, and ich attack (by Kordon)... i did a water change... and have just been letting time and nature take its course. i've done a lot of reading on ich and everyone seems to have their own method of treatment.... i want to quarantine the fish and livestock now... but am not sure if what i have is ich... all fish and livestock are still in tact... and the water specs are okay... i've had my tank for over 8 months... and this is the only time i've had any problems.... or disease like problems... today both clowns are showing signs of what might be ich... they have white "salt or sand like" speckles on their bodies..... someone please help!! how long do my fish have... and what should i do?!?!? i want to save them...... *sigh* thank you for any help or advice.............

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hey your best friend is goind to be isolation... you can take a milk jug,and cut the first three inches off of the top, use water from the tank and fill it up about two inches from the top with water from your fish tank. Add 1 drop of quick-cure (fam. and malachite green)to the container. Add a good air-stone attatched to an air-pump to keep the water circulated. Every day for the next 6 days remove about 5% of the water and replace it with freshly mixed salt water, try to keep the sality above .020 and below .022 inside the milk jug. on the third day add another drop of quick cure to the milk jug container.


Sorry this is alot but i want to make sure i dont leave anything out.

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