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almost 10 years old camera


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I have a Canon EOS Elan 2. I have proabably used it to take about 500 photos. I checked the net for the used price of this camera in good conditions, and it was 200 dollars. I bought it for about 600 dollars new in 1995. It is inside a leather case and put away for a long time, and I had just taken it out to take a look at it, and it is in great condition!


Does anybody still use these type of cameras?

I am contemplating whether I should sell this camera or if I should keep it, and buy macro lens for it.



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I have like 40 year old camera which is given to me from my father. I used to play a lot with that when I was a school kid.

I don't know about canon EOS camera tho, it is not very old and seems to me the camera is still in use. It may not have any value as antique tho, someday you can give your kid a good gift called memory, just like my father did to me.


I would say "keep it".

You know what? It good to have something old when everybody want all digital thing for fun. Darn, I miss that shuttering sound that old camera makes. Can't get that feeling with digital camera. :P

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Yeah, you made me think. I remeeber the time I took this camera to Korea and Japan. This Camera has been to many places far far away.


I tried to give it to my father. He told me that is to heavy, big and difficult to use (ofcourse he dosen't know how to use a computer, dvd player, and other devices not made during his time). I can imagine giving this to my kid one day, and seeing him throw it in his room where it will never be seen or used again. He would say that it is humungous, and also say a digital camera would have been a much nicer gift. I could only imagine. My dad did not want it so....


btw, what camera was it that your father gave you?

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I don't remember... its not with me now. My little brother always keep his eye on that took it out with him an year ago.

I think it was Nikon F-2 or something like that.

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I have a decent quality Olympus 35mm point 'n' shoot camera and a decent Canon PowerShot (2 MP). I keep the 35mm around 'cause it takes awesome black and white photos, far better than any consumer level digital cam takes. Converting a pic from colour to black 'n' white then printing it nukes the photo.


Black and white, IMO, is great for taking snaps of people. No need for white balance ... you don't have to worry about your kid wearing a hot pink shirt and neon green pants ... the lab fugging up colour saturation ... etc. etc..


There's also that weird fraction of a second delay on my digital camera between pressing the button and the pic being taken. The 35mm takes the pic the instant the button's pressed making it better for action shots. Don't get me wrong, I love my digital camera, but I see them as being two different tools.

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The digital camera is my picture error taking camera. :D I find that when I use my Canon, 40 percent or more of my shots are bad shots. Also I ultimately dislike to go to film developers.


I really want a digital camera for taking macro shots of my corals and inhaitants. Should I invest in a 55mm lens for 1:1 macro shots for my Canon instead?


One other thing I dislike is scanning pictures, and then finding dust particles on the photo show up on the pc image.


Digital camera's have increadible shutter speed these days. For example the Canon digital rebels are pretty fast (800 bucks?).

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If what you want is pics of your tank to share, go digital. You're right -- it's a huge PITA to go from film to Web. I was just trying to remind some folks that film cameras still have their place :D


Even a relatively cheap digital camera without a macro lens can take a decent still photo. Just use a long shutter speed and a tripod. Here's one of a couple 'shrooms in my tank ... the only editing I did to it was unsharp mask in ArcSoft PhotoSTudio (really, really cheap software).



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Masoch, I think I will sell my canon and get this camera.


The Exilim Ex-Z4U


I have been borrowing my brothers Canon SD10, and really Ilike it. I was going to get the same camera but decided not to as Canon makes a water resistant case for the camera which will allow the camera to be submerged in only 9 feet of water??? Not so assuring.



Darn, I miss that shuttering sound that old camera makes.


Don't worry Seaside :), most cameras have the option to choose shutter sounds of choice, and ofcourse the silent shutter snap sound you miss is among the sounds you can choose as shutter sounds.


I have a sanyo phone that can ring like a rotory phone.

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Have a look at Amazon's reviews of that camera ... a fair number of negative reviews about the lens getting fried and difficulty in getting warranty work done. Wouldn't want to see a fellow reefer getting burned ;)

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Are you sure the lens has bad ratings?


I just checked it out, it has 5 star rating.


Amazon.com Canon EOS Elan 2e ratings


please post the link where you found the bad ratings for the lens, I have got to see this. Not all of these canon camera have the same lens manufacturer. When I ordered this camera from B&H, it was just the body kit, and the lens were a seperate purchase.


Just in case anybody wants to know the lens model is EF 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 V USM.


Once again the camera is in good excellent condition. The only thing i can say is that the Tiffen 58mm Uv protector has a dent on it's rim. The UV protectector is an extra, and not part of the camera. I had this UV protector on the lens since I had this camera to protect the actual lens. There are no scratches on the Canon lens, it is like new.

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