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New Blue Ricordias Arrived Today!


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Hello folks,


I received 4 blue ricordia polyps from etropicals.com run by those Dr. Foster guys who also run liveaquaria.com.


Anyways...I have a question...


After placing the rics into my aquarium, I noticed a small 1 inch sliver (about 3-4 nodules(?) thick/wide; not a piece with the mouth on it) floating around in the bag. Should I keep this small piece in my aquarium or should I just throw it out?


Will it actually regenerate into a whole new polyp or is it pretty much dead and will pollute my water w/ ammonia, nitrites, toxins, etc.?


Also, I noticed 3 of my polyps have 2 mouth holes...Is this common? The other only has 1 mouth hole.


Any input will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Totally normal for them to have more than one mouth. Some of mine are the same way.


Over time they may split into more with each having 1 mouth at a time.


I would save the sliver by putting it in a shot glass or small non-toxic dish with some netting over top on top of some rubble. It could very well live and even regenerate into a whole new ric! It isn't big enough to case problems and this was you can also keep your eye on it. If it starts lookin funky, common sense: flush.



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Thanks, Chris. That's a good idea (the sliver in a cup idea)!


Here's a pic of the sliver:



Here's a pic of the new ric:



New ric under Blue lights:



Sorry, I don't have any photography skills!

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Even though those are considered "common" I love the look of blue rics... come to think of it, I don't even have any that color. Now you have given me a mission.


Yeah I wouldn't toss it until you are sure. What I have done successfully is the shot glass method and now I am expirimenting with a prescription bottle with holes I punched all over it. This is way easier, but I am worried about flow and light. No netting to attach is wayy nicer to work with tho so we will see.


Good luck,




BTW that sliver is fairly big, there is a very good chance there is some stalk on it.


Also, garf.org has some great easy-to-follow fragging articles.

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quick question...how do you keep the net attached to the shotglass? Rubberband? I would think rubberbands would pollute the water (but not sure)...

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nope...what i did when i had some floater mushrooms was take a small yogurt cup and i filled it with lr rubble the i went to walmart and picked up some brides vail i put the loose shrroms in with the lr put the vail over the small yogurt cup i cut in half and rubber banded it on. The shrooms attached in like 1 week.

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