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10 gal


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don't have much but here it is. 10gal, coralife 96W, AC300 fuge with 13W pc, mini heater in fuge, auto top off, LED moon light, SCWD ran by rena xp1 with all media removed except for 1 sponge pad (for a pre filter for the scwd).

corals: GSP ( not verry green ) , pumping xenia , candy cane , zoos,





under tank


full front


LES's crappy pic


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THANKS. I just got it to this point a little over two weeks ago and now I am thinking 10 gal sump/fuge with skimmer, I got everyting laying arround would just have to make a over- flo.and hook it all up maby when I get a little spare time (spare time what is that LOL)

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oh yea I guess I forgot to mention my nimble mag cleaner ( sorry C Jerome ) and my perc clown , cleaner shrimp , (2) emerald crabs and snails ( turbos, asteria, stometella, I hope I spelled those right ) and all the other hitch hikers, (bristle worms and I think a tiger tail cuke that I only seen once I know where it is but can't get to it so hopefully he don't die and nuke my tank.)

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the stand thing was a stand for a 55gal FOWLR that I got tired of and tore down. so I just added a little wood and glass ( divider between shelf's and tank ) and came up with that

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I just used the canister filter as the pump for the closed loop and it also gave me a little more water vol. for the pipe I used CPVC I like the size vers reg PVC IMO it is "nano size" .I had read that you should put a pre filter for the SCWD so the canister worked out great for that too.

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Sounds good.. I was looking more at your picture's and your auto topoff how does it work? Can you post some close up picture's? I'm trying to figure out some of your inlet/outlet design. Thanks and have a great day.



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well I host my pics thru shutterfly and they are temp sown right now hopefully it won't be too long

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actually the ones on this tank I bought at target they were in the auto section with the cell phone stuff, they were called mood lights it has three led's on individual swivle bases that attaches with double sided tape then bought a adapter from radio shack . they work perfect on this tank, I think the lights wer like $10 or $15 and the adapter was arround $15.

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if you look closely at the tank shot ( top pic) you can see them under the light directly in the center

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ok been alittle over a month since last post well got a couple new things (purple leather, some more zoos,) and I have gotten rid of some of the xenia.nice corals are hard to find around here been taking my time trying to find stuff that I like. well hope you like


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Awesome tank! I love that gorgonian. What has been your experience with it so far...feeding, polyp extension etc. I am seriously considering one for my tank, but I wanted to hear more personal feedback before I jump into buying one. Thanks...



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