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Sandbed, eggcrate...need help


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I did a search on this subject before asking but all responses were from a long time ago and I want the most updated info:)


I am one of those ppl who worry about rocks toppling and glass cracking. Is it still a good method to use egg crate under the sandbed?


I like the idea of my rocks being more stable and not putting pressure on the glass but I am concerned about the buildup of material within the eggcrate. Can you use the eggcrate just under the rocks to eliminate the waste buildup or does this add uneven weight to the glass?


my hubby was considering putting beads of reef safe glue to the rock and glass but what if you need to move the rocks in the future...



I don't want an overly deep sand bed as this can pose problems as well.


I hope to keep 2 clowns and a goby (most likely watchman)



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I personally think it's a lot of aggravation for nothing. Put rocks right on your glass, use some epoxy putty in a couple places to hold the base rock in place then water then sand. Unless this is a gigantic (tall) tank with huge rocks I can't see a rock falling over would even come remotely close to damaging the glass bottom. Especially through the sand.

The aquarium glass will be fine either way. Putting rocks on pieces of eggcrate wouldn't unbalance the pressure on the glass, the pressure comes from the water in the tank not the rock.

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