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And so it begins...


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I know it's been ages since I've posted anything on here but when all you do is stare at corals for the past 7 years at the LARGEST coral aquaculture facility, you kinda lose the excitement. Finally caught the bug again though, and so it begins....

Well, I just tossed some water and sand into a tank, not really a start yet I suppose.


Now, just a little background on me. I dove into aquariums starting 1999. After high school, decided this is what I wanted to do so went to college for marine bio. While I was there learned of aquaculture, so I dual majored in marine bio and aquaculture. After school, I worked at ORA in the coral greenhouse. I can honestly say there's not a person on this planet that has cut and glued more coral then I have. After 7 years there, decided I needed a new change in scenery and moved to New York where I work at an LFS now. Been here for the past 6 months and loving every moment of it but since I've been here I've been focusing more on work then anything else but I have finally come to a point where everything is running on"enough" cylinders and I can start up my own tank.


So here's a little run down of what I have in mind for this tank.


Mr Aqua 12g

Vortech MP10wES QD

Rapid Pro RP3 sump and skimmer

AI Prime x2

Tunze ATO

Apex Controller


So far I have the ATO and controller from a previous build I was going to set up but never did. The MP10 and Primes are on order and still looking for a decent price on the sump.

Added Carib Sea Fiji Pink and Tropic Marin salt to start and going to use Tropic Marin Pro down the line. Mainly doing a Zs and Ps tank as those have always been my favorite.


Pics to come, once I figure out how to post pics again... lol



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Nano sapiens

I can see where working with that many frags for 7 years can lead to burnout.


Anyway, looks like you are off and running with the 12g and hope all goes as planned.

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