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20 Gallon Noobie Questions


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Hello Everyone!


I am in the process of setting up my first marine aquarium. I recently moved my freshwater fish from their 20 gallon home to a 50 gallon. Now I have a 20 gallon aquarium waiting to be set up. This is what I have but I think I'm missing something:


20 gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium (24x12x16)

25 lbs Pre Cured Fiji Live Rock (arriving tomorrow FedEx 2nd Day)

20 lbs Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Sand (arriving tomorrow FedEx 2nd Day)

20 gallons Distilled Water

Instant Ocean Salt Mix

Instant Ocean Hydrometer

Maxi-Jet 900 Powerhead (230 GPH)

Mini-Jet 606 Powerhead (79-153 GPH)

AquaC Remora Hang-On Protein Skimmer w/Maxi-Jet 1200 (295 GPH)

Coralife Power Center Day/Nite & Wavemaker Timer

Drs. Foster & Smith Power Compact Fluorescent Double Fixture (24" 2x40W 6500K)

5 Blue LEDs (I'm going to add into the Fixture to simulate moonlight)

100W Penn-Plax Submersible Heater

Floating Thermometer

Saltwater Master Liquid Test Kit

Successful Saltwater Aquariums: A Beginner's Guide by John H. Tullock


Other than curing the LR /cycling, am I missing anything for this setup? For the past two months I've been researching WAY TOO MUCH so I think I got everything but then again I might be confusing myself. I plan on adding inverts 2-3 weeks from now - ideas on what and how many of each that I should put? Should I add them sooner rather than later? And I'd like to add a star fish if I could. As for fish, I'd like to get 1 Royal Gramma, 1 (or 2) False Percula and 1 Six-Line Wrasse (at least that's what my girlfriend wants anyway). But they won't go in for another month or so after I put the inverts.


Down the road, I plan on changing the 6500K bulbs on the Power Compact Fixture to 10,000K and Actinic. The Drs. Foster & Smith lighting system was $40 - I think that was a bargain compared to some of the other ones I've seen. I haven't decided on what kind of coral to get - maybe by the time my tank has matured in a few months then I'll know what to get. If you have any suggestions then please let me know. I'm assuming 4W per gallon is adequate for low light corals?


Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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