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Hello everyone,


Long time lurker, first time poster. A few weeks ago I finished setting up my new 20 gallon with 10 gallon sump and foam/rock wall. I also moved over all of the coral, rock and livestock over from my 10 gallon reef which has been running great for the past 18 months. Today I decided to add my first new coral and found this guy at the LFS' random frag section. I bought it thinking it was an elegance LPS but now I'm wondering if its really a maxi/mini anemone, its about 1" round. Sorry the quality isn't the best, its just a cell phone Pic. Thanks!



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Thanks for the replies everyone. I moved it a bit in my tank to leave a nice distance between it and some of the corals: Zoas and Montis it was near to prevent stinging. After a few days of settling in it now expands to over 2" in diameter during the day and looks to be happy with its location.

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