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No Pods?


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Ok tank has been up and running for about 6 weeks, cycled in about 2 weeks as I had Cured LR, and LS from a local reefers tank. The sand is very fine, and I see a few "Trails through the front of the glass, but I have yet to see a single pod? Things are quite healthy, my leather coral has great polyp extyension both of my little zoo colonies open up fully Etc. I change the water once a week for the last two weeks, before this I did not as I was making sure all the cycle was completed. I have had the diatom bloom, on my sand and then a cyano bloom, on the sand (this was when I started doing the water changes). Everything looks really good, so there is not a problem per say, I just have not seen the Pod Explosion I have read about so many times. Is the pod explosion still to come? would my clean up crew have perhaps wiped them out?


Tank contents:

13 blue leg hermits

2 green leg hermits

10 Astrea Snails

1 red serpent star

1 arrow crab

2 yellow tail blue damsels

2 4 stripe damsels


1 large leather coral

2 zoa colonies

Bunch of yuma ricordia that came on a rock

1 torch coral

30 pounds of LR

about 3 inches of LS


Tank is a 28 gallon Bow front, 130 watts PC, running a CPR BakPak 2, a rio 90 powerhead attached to a spraybar, an aquaclear 201 powerhead, and an aquaclear 402 powerhead attached to a quickfilter that I rinse twice a week.

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unlikely that your cleanup crew got them all. I remember with mine the pods just showed up out of nowhere.

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When do you look for the pods? I never see mine when lights are on. But if lights are out over night and I turn the lights on in the morning, there is a mad pod dash for any sort of cover they can find. My rocks has tons of little holes in it and they jet into the holes. Try that or maybe shine a flashlight in at night.

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i used to have to hunt for pods at night, but they started coming out day and night when 1) started using refractometer and maintaining sg at 1.025, 2) added zoanthids and coral which added more hidden life and 3) hair algae clumps got kinda longish. btw, i don't have fish in my tank, so it makes it easier for them to survive.

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Well I know a yellowtail damsel will eat any pod it see's, so maybe your damsels are eating your pods before you can see them.



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At the six week mark, my tank had pods climbing the walls, ph's, not to mention the rock and sand. I started the tank with liverock from an existing tank (kept submerged in transit) ...


I can't remember exactly when I saw the pod population reach this proportion, but I think it might have been at the 3-4 week mark, and pods were definitely visible night and day for me...


Difference being, I hadn't had any fish at that point, I'm with ETOH, I suspect your fish may have put a dent in the population as it was going up the growth curve... So the pod explosion may be due to conservative timing of livestock...


Mine is also a no-hermit tank although I don't really think they (clean-up crew) is the pivotal factor for a pod explosion...


Doesn't sound like anything to worry about unless you were relying on the pods as the only source of food for your fish...


Hope this helps,

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