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Got stung by BTA, I'm allergic. So, best aquarium gloves?


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As others have pointed out, a bunch of possible causes but ruling out individual susceptibility (just like some people are more sensitive to bee stings or poison ivy) a HUGE deal is the state of your skin... it's amazing how much your skin protects you.


Case & point - rock flower anemones are considered to have some of the weakest stings out there & normally you can move them around all day in your tank with bare hands & encounter only a little bit of "stickiness" apparent to you. But, say if you happen to have a paper cut/scratch and brush up against one while doing a "this will take so little time it's not work breaking out the gloves for" tinker - WOW! I'm glad my kids didn't hear me. ;)


I'm currently using these - their mil thickness is just a bit higher than I'd like but they don't tear easily, have a long enough cuff that water doesn't end up leaking down my arm and leave enough dexterity for pretty detailed scaping & coral gluing work - KC500 "safeskin"



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