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2nd tank: ooking for a new 120 gallon (42x24x24): where to buy?


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I dont think most LFS' carry sizes that big, but they should be able to order just about anything. Try Petsmart or Pet Supermarket even. Their livestock might suck, but theyve got the corporate muscle to get anything.


You werent really thinking of SHIPPING a 120 gallon tank were you? :o

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Just hit the LFS's. What side of Houston? There are 2-3 really good ones up past downtown and on the West side.


If you're on the south side check with Neptunes Garden just off of Fuqua. Most can get all of the popular makers' products.



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They have a 48x24x24 120g for $ 200.00.


They are coming to a show on 9-18 in Dallas, they can bring the tank with them. I think they charge like $ 30.00 delivery.

(I have no clue how far Houston is from Dallas)

My LFS charges $ 335.00 for the same size tank.



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Here in san antonio,tx at a store called Texas Tropical and Marine you can buy a 100g with stand for $300 or a 125g with stand for $400. Awesome prices and not very far from Houston.

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